At Exes, We Deliver Our Promises

Our Promise

Exes is thorough and meticulous in our approach. Standard procedures are observed and we are proactive in compliance works and problem-solving.


We take all the necessary steps to ensure that accounts, statutory and tax records of your company remain secure. All our staff are bound by confidentiality clauses in their employment contract with Exes. To date, we are proud to say that none of our employee has breached the confidentiality clause.

Prompt and Timely Service

On-time and accurate delivery of accounts is our top priority. We know that a delay in the delivery of a financial
report will affect decision making, as well as incur unnecessary costs for our clients. With your co-operation and
the complete documents available, we will deliver your accounts on time. To ensure that the deadlines are met, clients will be reminded of the filing deadlines in advance to ensure ample time is given to do the necessary.

Cost-effective Solutions

Cost is an important factor when considering whether to outsource accounting and administrative tasks, and when engaging a corporate secretarial or tax agent. As such, proposing cost-effective solutions with no compromise to service quality is top of mind. In order to complete assignments professionally in the most cost-efficient manner, we strive to have a clear understanding of your business and assess your requirements before commencement.
All our staff are also trained to be cost-conscious and work efficiently to meet deadlines.Exes continues to offer services which meets the business needs of SMEs, enterprises, new start-ups.