At Exes, we believe in active engagement.

We are dedicated to helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and foreign investors through a wide range of business-related services, from the setting up of companies, providing corporate secretarial advice to assessing clients’ accounting needs.

Our clients’ and staff’s inputs are just as important as the work we do. We have the long-term interest of clients at heart and offer professional services with integrity and honesty. Clients are given different perspectives prior to choosing their course of action. With more than 20 years of experience in handling accounts, tax and corporate secretarial matters for SMEs and foreign enterprises in Singapore, our team comprises Chartered Accountants (CA), ACCA and ACIS holders with each staff focusing on their specialisation.

Our staff understand your business

To help you succeed, our staff need to have an in-depth understanding of your business. They are trained to
understand your business requirements before taking on the assignment for your business. Only then will they
provide the relevant expertise to achieve your business goals.

Our commitment to service excellence

Your business success is our first priority. We always have your interest at heart. We know the importance of
executing work efficiently and effectively while adopting a practical approach to ensure the timely delivery of
high quality work.

We treasure our relationship with you

Some of our clients have been with us since our incorporation in 1993. Our aim is to build a long, professional and
Highly personalised relationship with each client. We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your business
needs are taken care of. If necessary, we will tailor cost-effective solutions and provide financial and tax consulting
services for emerging businesses.

Our people are our assets

We make extra efforts to find the right talents and are committed to training and motivating them. Each staff has
an equal opportunity to advance in their career and we achieve this by giving everyone the opportunity to handle a
variety of accounts. This exposes our staff to accounts from different industries which optimises learning, thereby
enhancing their problem-solving skills and business knowledge so as to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

We work as a team

We are a close knit family, with everyone drawing on the expertise, skills and experience of everyone in the team
to achieve a common goal. Each one of us will offer our strengths and pool our resources together to enhance the
overall level of services.